Onsite Biometric Testing

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Data Accuracy and Speed

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Proprietary Incentive Program

Midland Health has been supporting employee health through our onsite screening services since 2003.  read more>

We are on-site – everywhere!

Midland Health is a nationwide provider of on-site biometric testing; HIPAA-compliant, outcomes-based employee incentive management reporting programs, and wellness services. Since 1988, Midland Health has supported corporate wellness by helping employers and government entities motivate employees through our innovative approach to data collection and incentive program delivery.

Midland partners with employers directly and provide screening services on behalf of hospital systems, insurance brokers, and health insurance providers. Midland’s extensive experience supporting employers with multiple locations and diverse populations ensures that no matter what industry you are in or how many locations you have, Midland can customize a health testing and wellness program that works for you.